Ever wondered what
your pet wants to tell you?

The primary focus of our business is to support families that include animals, helping both human and animal to understand one another better. We use animal communication, Healing Touch for AnimalsĀ® , animal massage, essential oils, flower essences, sound therapy, and other modalities to support animals and humans in this process.

We also provide healing services and products for humans including Young Living Essential Oils and Xocai Healthy Chocolate.

We work extensively with animal rescue organizations in several different ways talking with animals in foster care to understand what the best home might be for them, talking with trainers working with foster dogs or horses, and participating in fundraising events. Our goal is ultimately to reduce the number of animals going to rescue or shelter agencies by promoting clearer understanding between animals and the humans they live and work with.

Communication and wellness services
for animals and their humans.

Animal Communication and Wellness Services is not a veterinary practice.
Please see our disclaimer statement for more information.

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